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There is lots to explore and learn in this adventure of lampwork glass, it's hard to focus sometimes.

I keep a sketchbook of ideas that come to me of shapes, patterns, colours or themes I want to make. Sounds sensible doesn't it? The only problem is if my skillset is not up to the level required to execute each part. 'They' say it takes 10 years to become a 'master' of anything (8.5 to go!).

In the mean time I subscribe to online challenges or attend workshops. This allows a certain amount of experimentation and exploration with the bonus of motivation.

Georgie Field 2006 Lampwork artist and beadmaker

Sarah Hornik Workshop

I attended a workshop in Brisbane, Queensland June 2008. The workshop was hosted by Peppertown and the guest teacher was Sarah Hornik. I can't praise Sarah highly enough in terms of her generosity in sharing so many wonderful discoveries that she has made on her own journey of glass.

I went home with a large handful of beads that contain a wealth of knowledge and promise of future applications.

Below are some images of the beads I created in the class:

Beads made in Sarah Hornik's class

This is in the 'Egyptian' technique that Sarah taught but I turned the bead into a cat (Egyptian ofcourse) and gifted it to Sarah because she's a cat lover and it seemed the right thing to do!

Egyptian cat bead

These small round beads were the first attempts at 'colour reactions' eek!

One of the things I was keen to do, when I got home, was use the reactive colours in some kind of application. And so the 'Kichi Dolls' were born. "Kichi" means Lucky or Fortunate in Japanese and it also sounds like Kitschy which has another kind of humorous and relevant meaning. I love bright colours and while I love making owls, crazy colours are not really owl-like.

Below is the first Kichi doll "Hatsu" which means 'first born', I was initially tempted to call them panda dolls!

The large bead challenge

How long can I go...... Can I keep the ends from thermal shock..... Are the colours going to work together...... Can it stand on each end..... Which glasses perform well together and with this format..... Can I achieve all that AND apply decoration.....

Some of these questions don't always get answered :-) but here's some things to look at.



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