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I have read way too much science fiction for my own good. Imagining what could 'be' is an enjoyable exercise... some might say a waste of time, but if something is born into reality from that exercise, bring it on!

So far they're 'friendly', or at least, not coming to strike you blind and eat you at leisure.

It's really an excuse to keep my head in the clouds and play. My sketchbook is filling up with ideas on this theme.

Hatsu - first born, the first kichi doll

Bots, gizmos, spacemen


The first. Made at the Sarah Hornik workshop for 'metal magic'. When I thought of metal I though of robots. He has a whole lot of palladium leaf, love palladium leaf, amazing stuff.

Lots of encased pure silver foil on this dude, he twinkles like deep space. Wearing his helmet over his nebulae eyes and a molten silver heart, he's in tune with the universe... it's space, man.

Spaceman angle.

A robot bird. It's beak was supposed to be a drill but I liked it plain orange. (Actually I just got nervous and didn't want to wreck it, next time it will be a drill)

The Evolved Space Duck

Crayola Spaceman




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